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Don't even dream about this!

DreamGear is a knock-off game-making company that is most famous for making its "Plug 'N' Play" systems. There have been many reviews on the internet about their products. Recently they created the "My Arcade GameStation" series with many different types of consoles.

The company even has a website that is still active (as of September 3rd 2016; link below). They continue to sell their knock-off products as well as accessories for the modern gaming consoles including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Nintendo 3DS and more. They even sell headphones, USB expansion ports, Controllers, Charging units for controllers, and more.

Why Their Products Suck

  1. Makes lots of ripoff consoles, including "50 Video Games Included", or simply "dreamGEAR Plug 'N' Play". And, unsurprisingly enough they have ripoffs of other games.
  2. The updated versions of their consoles have even more ripoff games, around 140 of them.
  3. They even made a series called "My Arcade GameStation" that has many different types of consoles. Each one had a different number of games on it and each one had different appearances including different colors or controller types. Certain controllers resembled Sega Dreamcast controllers while others looked like Sony's PlayStation controllers.

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