Earthworm Jim 3D is a video game released for the Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows in 1999 by VIS Entertainment, and the third game in the Earthworm Jim series. The game suffered a long development cycle, being repeatedly delayed. A PlayStation version was planned, but ultimately cancelled.

Why it Sucks

  1. The charm from the two original games is lost.
  2. Stiff controls and painful camera movement.
  3. Despite its long development cycle, the game still felt rushed, with the Nintendo 64 version being sloppier than the PC version, and the game advertising the appearance of Evil the Cat, who never actually appears in the game.
  4. The game doesn't save how many marbles you picked up.
  5. Losing a life also resets the marble count, making the game even more tedious and frustrating.
  6. Incredibly linear level design.

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