Elminage Original JP

It should have stayed in Japan

Elminage Original was developed and released by Starfish SD in Japan in 2011 and by UFO Interactive Games in the United States in 2012 and in Europe in 2013 for the PlayStation Portable. It received mixed or average reviews in the West.

Why it Sucks

  1. Cruel and unforgiving difficulty
  2. Pointless story
  3. Terrible localization, for example, the gnome race was translated as dwarf and fairy as hotlet, making the race selection an exercise of trial and error because of the bad localization.
  4. Some text was not translated and remains in full Japanese.
  5. Boring, repetitive and uninspiring dungeons.
  6. Way too old-school for some (the party can only level up at an Inn and no in-game tutorials.)
  7. Annoying and frustrating Dungeons and Dragons based mechanics like level drains will challenge the patience of even the most die hard fan of first person dungeon crawlers.


Elminage Original is a wholly unoriginal game in almost every aspect. It’s perfectly competent in its gameplay, yet less than capable and enthralling in so many other ways that are significant. Graphical and audio limitations aside, the sloppy localization alone makes this RPG feel second-rate and unworthy of a gamer's time, unless they have an affinity for the genre.

Regardless, fifteen dollars is a lot to ask of people when your title doesn’t respect itself enough to even provide its customer a complete and polished experience. Think hard on this purchase if it’s fighting for your pocketbook.