Exploration is a building game where you can build and move in a three dimensional envirornment. The game is a generic clone of Minecraft.

Why it Sucks

  1. Low resolution textures that rip-offs textures in Minecraft.
  2. The paid version costs $3.99 and the only feature the paid version gives you is the ability to load and save.
  3. The controls are like controlling a crane.
  4. The game is titled Exploration yet there is minimal exploration as the only terrain is random blocks floating in the air.
  5. You can't fly.
  6. It makes Minebuilder look good in terms of bad Minecraft clones.
  7. Again, the paid verision costs the same as Survivalcraft which is a good Minecraft clone.
  8. The free verision has more downloads than MCPE.

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