ExtremePaintbrawl 1 PCbox
Extreme Paintbrawl is a first-person shooter paintball game released for the PC in 1998. Developed and published by Head Games as part of their "Extreme" series of budget titles, the game uses a modified version of the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition v1.5 executable.


In Extreme Paintbrawl, there are three game modes available to the player: Season Mode, Single Game, and Practice. Season Mode allows one to manage a team of eight recruits through an entire season. The player is able to hire and fire recruits, buy markers, and compete against other teams for the championship in compliance with a fixed schedule. There were several flaws in this mode such as the inability to swap markers between recruits. Single Game allows the player to play a single paintball match. The objective is to score by either capturing your opponent's flag or marking an opponent. Practice mode leaves the player alone on the field of his/her choice with no specific targets to shoot.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor graphics, using the outdated 2.5D Build engine (which by 1998 was surpassed by the fully 3D Quake and Unreal engines).
  2. A.I has perfect aim.
  3. In unpatched versions of the game there isn't even any A.I. at all! The bots just run around and shoot randomly.
  4. Lag.
  5. Lack of other game modes beyond capture the flag.
  6. The arenas do not resemble actual paintball fields (i.e. desert, school building)
  7. You need to shoot the opponents at a very close range to hit them. On top of that, your guns are not very accurate.
  8. Music doesn't fit the game at all
  9. Crappy controls.
  10. The game is impossible to run on versions of Windows 2000 and up due to the game installing and launching from Windows but being DOS-based.

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