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Get this game away from kids

Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears is a 2000 Game Boy Color sports game based on the Berenstain Bears frachise. It was developed by Ed Magnin and Associates and published by Sound Source Interactive.


The game consists of six different sports events; sledding, dirt biking, freestyle kayaking and dirt boarding. Team events include tobogganing and rafting competitions.

Why it sucks

  1. Bad cover.
  2. Bad and overly bright graphics.
  3. Very short.
  4. All the minigames are practically the same.
  5. No music.
  6. The lack of variety makes it very tedious.
  7. Primitive sound effects reminiscent to that of the Atari 2600's.
  8. Despite being called "Extreme Sports", none of the sports are even remotely extreme.


The reception was generally poor, with IGN awarding the game 4.0 out of 10, criticizing its unfinished feel and difficulty level. The game was also ranked as the 20th worst video game of all time by Electronic Gaming Monthly, with reviewer Seanbaby highlighting the poor controls, lack of distinction between different events and poor graphics.