FBI Hostage Rescue is a 2004 tactical first-person shooter developed by Idol FX (developers of Drake of the 99 Dragons) and published by Activision Value.


Why it Sucks

  1. It rips off the gameplay of similar shoters like Rainbow Six and SWAT.
  2. Full of bugs and glitches, some of them breaking the whole game. This includes a tendency to crash to the desktop.
  3. Retarded hostage AI. They can get stuck in walls (or thin air), walk in wrong directions, clip through locked doors, disappear for no reason, completely ignoring enemy fire, among others.
  4. Weapons that are extremely uncomfortable to use.
  5. No multiplayer or alternate modes.
  6. Unbelievably slow-paced gameplay; all of the missions have strict time limits (usually 5 minutes), yet your character moves very slow, resulting with frustration amongst players.
  7. Poor graphics even by 2003 standards. Some of the models are also mis-textured; one of them literally has a hand texture for their shirts.
  8. Atrocious voice acting and sound design in general. The soundtrack is practically non-existent; the main menu theme is extremely repetitive, lasting only 5-10 seconds before looping and the rest of the game is devoid of music.
  9. No friendly AI.
  10. Virtually no replayability value.


GameSpot gave the game a 1.9, and said it "feels like a really bad amateur mod that was released before it was finished."

FBI Hostage Rescue Gameplay and Commentary06:37

FBI Hostage Rescue Gameplay and Commentary

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