FGTeeV (also known as The Family Gaming Team, TheSkylander Boy & Girl, FUNnel Vision, Max & Midnight, Brick & Betty, etc) is a channel that focuses on family friendly video games and are aimed towards kids. However they have many flaws.

Why the Channel Sucks

  1. Vincent (also known as "Duddy"). He's so bad that there used to be a page about him on this wiki before FANDOM took it down. (DO NOT RECREATE THE PAGE UNLESS YOU WANT TO RISK GETTING BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM FANDOM)
  2. It's just another cringeworthy channel made for little kids.
  3. Like many so-called "kids channels", the content of it is quite inappropriate for children. The Dad cusses on camera sometimes (even though he would claim he doesn't),
  4. They only play games when they are trending, some examples include Minecraft, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Artifact and of course, Skylanders. If these games do not trend anymore, the channel never plays the titles ever again, even if a big name game company pays them to play the game.
  5. Very confusing thumbnails and video titles that are highly similar to toy channels with Spider-Man and Elsa.
  6. They have an awful fanbase which mainly consists of Kindergarten and Elementary School (Primary School) kids.
  7. Because the fans are mostly young kids, they cannot take even the slightest form of criticism towards the channel and mercilessly attack anyone who says anything even slightly negative about FGTeeV. The fans usually have awful grammar and spam emojis, some of them even cuss and swear at the haters. We mean it, ANY FGTeeV hate video will have the fanbase cyberbullying the original creator in the comments section. Heck, even this page isn't safe from the fanbase.
  8. A lot of clickbait and cringeworthy titles and thumbnails. The thumbnails mainly have Vincent or the kids' heads on and put poop and butts in them to get a pathetic laugh.

Redeming Qualities

  1. Their older videos show they weren't so money-driven.
  2. They have a few good videos, but most of them are crap and/or cringeworthy.