Family Fortunes The Interactive DVD Game

Our survey said 'EH-OH' for this game.

Family Fortunes is an adaptation of the British game show of the same name (itself based on Family Feud) made for DVD players, developed by Imagination Games (A company who made DVD games in both the US and UK) and published by Universal Studios Home Entertainment UK in 2005 for the holiday season.

Why it Sucks

  1. There is no sign of Les Dennis, the presenter of Family Fortunes from 1987-2002, Instead we get some stupid unknown voiceover.
  2. Awful graphics.
  3. Hurried, cheaply-made composition of the tunes used in the show.
  4. You have to write down your OWN score using a pen and paper, and the DVD doesn't give you any indication on how many points you get.
  5. Confusing rules compared to the show. In Big Money, you have to guess the top answers with no marks for second answers.
  6. False advertising: It claims to be "Featuring the famous 'UH-OH' wrong answer sound!" but it isn't heard anywhere in this game.
  7. Like with many DVD games, this one was Christmas Rushed.


Like with the Catchphrase and Bullseye DVD games from Upstarts, this one was also received poorly.

Universal responded by making a newer version in 2006 which featured the new presenter Vernon Kay from the All Star series, and more better than ever before.