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"I know we're geeky, we obsess over little things, and we probably get too invested. But we've gone from being bullied all our lives to being bullies ourselves!"

The Nostalgia Critic

"Fanboy" and "Fangirl" is a term that refers to an overeager and obnoxious fan of a certain franchise who typically ruins it for others.

On its own, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of a game franchise you enjoy and show your excitement and appreciation of those games, the problem comes with certain fans who take it far too seriously. They tend to be obnoxious, complain constantly, overthink everything, reject others' opinions, act authoritative and entitled, refuse to listen, NEVER stop talking about it, feel threatened by people who don't like the games just as much as they do, make inappropriate fan art, etc. Fanboys/fangirls also tend to blindly defend clearly anti-consumer practices that companies do, allowing those companies to keep getting away with it. Often they'll harass regular fans because they don't agree with their opinions and say the regular fans are "not true fans" sometimes to the point of completely ruining the franchise for them.

Another type of fanboys/fangirls are the "nostalgiatards", who are more prevalent in long-lasting franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon. These are fanboys/fangirls who believe anything within the franchise besides the classics they grew up with is automatically garbage, worship the classic games like they were perfect, and refuse to even give the newer games a chance.

Perhaps the biggest problem with fanboys/fangirls is that, while they are usually the minority, they tend to be the most vocal and toxic, which in turn makes outsiders think that the whole fanbase is like that and in turn, they'll be less likely to give the games a chance. However, it should be noted that even if a fanbase is infamous for being full of toxic fanboys, not all of the fans have to be like that. SomecallmeJohnny is a popular example of a reasonable and healthy Sonic The Hedgehog fan.

Just because a game has a toxic fanbase, that doesn't mean the game itself is bad. It is still possible to enjoy a game without being dragged into the terrible fanbase it has.

There is also an article on this topic on the Terrible TV Shows Wiki.


  1. The Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase is notorious for constantly bickering about what is good for the franchise. Every single time a new Sonic game comes out, one side of the fanbase likes it, while the other side of the fanbase dislikes it. They also create the most unoriginal original characters on DeviantArt (which mostly consists of recolors). Some fanboys have gone on record to say that they enjoy EVERY Sonic game, regardless of quality, which is not a healthy attitude to have.
  2. Sega fanboys are notorious for constantly claiming that Sega will make a new console constantly. Every time Sega says they'll make a big announcement, the fanboys assume it'll be a new console and start spreading false rumors with no substance. Many of them tend to make Change.Org petitions asking for a new Sega console.
  3. The Minecraft fanbase is full of butthurt fanboys and numerous Minecraft YouTube channels that are all virtually the same and do nothing different and/or interesting. (Click here to understand better)
  4. The Undertale fanbase is considered to be one of the worst fanbases in existence, having people ranging from butthurt, toxic fanboys who can't respect others' opinions to people who make creepy, sexualized fanart of certain characters, such as Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, Muffet and the like. And they also bash other videos with Undertale-related content in them.
    • For example, in Dorkly's 4th Power Up Mix Up video, most of the comments consist of Undertale fans complaining about Frisk getting decapitated in it, and when Youtuber Matpat of Game Theory fame made a theory video titled "Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!" that speculated that Sans was actually Ness from Earthbound, which infamously contained a multitude of factual errors and streches in logic, he got so much flak, that when he theorized what Gaster's identity wass, he revealed that it actually HURT HIS FEELINGS!
    • The fanbase has also been known to be a rather picky bunch, believing that everyone must play the game how they want it to be played. For example, when a Youtuber goes on the genocide route for any reason (especially if it's their first run), fans will get angry and upset at them for being so "heartless" and compare them to actual mass killers and criminals. Another case is with Markiplier. When he played Undertale, fans got angry at him for not just making choices that they disagreed with, but also giving characters voices that went against popular portrayals of said characters (most notably, giving Sans a "redneck voice"). This negativity eventually lead to Markiplier stopping the series altogether.
  5. The Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase is even worse. Some parts of the fanbase harass creator Scott Cawthon for not making the games quickly enough, while the other part of the fanbase draws inappropriate, NSFW and outright questionable fanart of the characters. It also has been called immature, as most of the fans in the fanbase are indeed immature. The franchise's hidden lore makes fanboys prank call local pizzerias that have "Freddie's" or "Freddy's" in their name to reveal the pizzeria's dark history and looking for animatronic characters while the staff is busy at work, interrupting their work by a bunch of prank calls coming from the fanboys themselves. Some of the prank calls came from other parts of the U.S. and even from Canada! Even worse, when Scott ended up canceling FNAF 6 (or so he claimed) and confirming said cancellation, the fans went ballistic and began attacking him for it. It got so bad, that even Scott himself was horrified by what had happened!
    • Later, Scott Cawthon changed mind and finished the aforementioned "FNaF 6" game for the sake of his good followers. It was called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator", and was released for free. He stated he is not working on the FNaF franchise anymore, no matter what.
  6. The M.U.G.E.N. community isn't much better either. Users infamously fight over their different standards for liking characters and go into full-fledged rants whenever they don't like a character instead of just ignoring it and moving on.
  7. Elitist Fanboys are those who worship a franchise as if it's some kind of god and look down on fans of other similar games.
  8. The Legend of Zelda fanbase is infamous for having elitist and hostile fanboys. Their worst action was attacking video game critic Jim Sterling for giving Breath of the Wild a 7/10 which caused the Metacritic score to drop from 98 to 97 (they attacked Jim over the game's score dropping by ONE point), as well as DDoSing his website, despite him saying he liked the game. They're also desperately trying to raise the game's user score from 7.4 to the highest score possible in order to bury the negative reviews.
  9. There are even FPS fanbases. These fanbases consist of young kids who rage and swear to make themselves look cool. The most notable example of this can be found in the Call Of Duty franchise, where most of the players are whiny little kids. These players usually get mad when they get killed or claim that one person is hacking just because they keep killing them.
  10. The Team Fortress 2 fanbase has become rather toxic over time, being full of squeakers, F2Ps (which refers to the game being free-to-play) who are completely and utterly inexperienced at the game and blame everyone and everything but themselves for their own faults and/or mistakes, friendlies who can be pretty annoying, players who are too much into cosmetics, tryhards who for the most part act like jerks, elitist players who think that they are better than everyone else, trolls and other really annoying players. One of the most infamous examples is the majority of Hightower's contingent, which has a really toxic "Do not cap" mentality thanks to the ex-TF2 YouTuber STAR_. This can be especially frustrating for people who are doing contracts. Some of the squeakers and F2Ps will also often beg for hats and weapons, crying and screaming when they inevitably don't get them.
  11. PC fanboys who call themselves "The PC Master Race" (a term originating from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's Zero Punctuation review series, ironically coined to mock such people). They blindly worship PCs and Steam and disregard any other gaming platform as "crap", while ignoring the fact that PCs also have plenty of flaws, and will even beg for console exclusive games, usually because they think that developers/publishers owe them for using the best hardware, when that isn't the case at all. They even show up on videos and articles that don't even mention the PC to gloat about the platform's superiority.
  12. It is now considered trendy to hate things. For instance, every time a new Elder Scrolls game comes out, there's going to be at least one person who hates it. Every time a new Battlefield and/or Call of Duty game comes out, the same thing happens. Blind hate and hating for the sake of hating as a trend is another detraction to people starting to get into a particular franchise due to how toxic and/or hateful fanbases can be. Even worse, a majority of people who are complaining about these games haven't even played them before they even made an opinion on whether they like it or not.
  13. Some of these fanboys have even sent actual DEATH THREATS to developers if they so much as change the game in a way that they don't like.
  14. The LittleBigPlanet community has been toxic throughout the course of all three main series entries. The multiplayer scene is often toxic, with people being mean to each other, slapping each other for no reason, messing up your levels with stuff you don't want, etc. The level creating community, while it does have some good content every once in a while, is mostly filled with trash levels such as Bomb and Shark Survival levels, fake DLC giveaways, and empty levels that ask the player to heart for heart (basically hearting someone and them hearting you back). There are also users who outright copy levels without making any changes to them. The most infamous example of stealing levels in the LBP community was Stephanie Ravens, a user who copied levels and claimed they were her's in the first game's community. She copied a user named Pom's level named "The Bunker" (Not to be confused with the story level) and renamed it The Fort. This user eventually left the community, as confirmed by her brother.
  15. Scratch has a HORRIBLE community full of spammers, furries, FNAF and Undertale fanboys, and people who remix projects without changing a single thing. The site is also full of awful trends and people who try way too hard to be like famous project makers like Griffpatch, Alphabetica, Yillie and WithOnionsTV/WithOnions.
  16. Overwatch has competitive players who take competitive matches WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, despite the game being team-based. You can potentially get reported and banned just for choosing a certain hero, even if it's your main!
  17. Not even Silent Hill can avoid a toxic fanbase, as fans complain about new features in a Silent Hill sequel (like with the combat feature in Silent Hill: Homecoming) BEFORE they're released in stores (as Homecoming wasn't released until 6 months later) and when a new sequel removes the complained feature, they STILL complain about it! It gets worse when the series went into its post-Team Silent era, where fans bashed Silent Hill 4 for being too Americanized, despite the series being a homage to American horror stories. Even P.T. (aka Silent Hills) got bashed for not having Hideo Kojima in the game's production staff. Also when fans heard that Silent Hill's HD Collection only had the 2nd and 3rd games, they had a massive hissyfit over it.
  18. Some fans can take it way too far. If you don't like a certain game or get into an argument with a fanboy, you could either be assaulted online or in real life.
  19. The fighting game community is infamous for its trash-talkers, over-reactive Dudebros, and e-sports worshippers.
  20. The Garry's Mod fanbase is infamous for its unbearable multi-player servers which are filled with hackers, squeakers, admin abusers, griefers, and micspammers. These players are mostly found in SchoolRP and Trouble In Terrorist Town servers.
  21. Dark Souls (un)surprisingly has one too. Many people in this game's community who master the series' complexity think they are better than the "filthy casuals", as they often call them. Even worse, if one were to seek help on how to get past a certain section or beat a certain boss, the most likely response they would get will be "git gud, you noob", or something along those lines, which obviously is NOT going to help them!
  22. DayZ is pretty much Mega Jerk Simulator due to the gameplay having you choose whether or not to let a player live and team up with you, or kill them and loot their corpse. This results in (no matter your intentions) players killing a lot then teaming up, thus erasing HOURS of one's progress!
  23. When the original ending of Mass Effect 3 was panned by both critics and fans, one fan went as far as making a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, arguing that the game's developers BioWare did not deliver on their initial promises and that they outright lied to their fans. The fallout from the unmitigated disaster that was Mass Effect: Andromeda did not help the Mass Effect fanbase's reputation at all.
  24. While the FIFA games are awesome to play, its online multiplayer matches are filled with either ragequitters or hackers. Not only does the series suffer from a LOT of hackers, you'll be lucky to finish even ONE match before the other player ends up ragequitting!
  25. When Super Smash Bros. became an eSports game, the fanbase became WAY too serious. The pro players are overly mean to casuals and, in some cases, will refuse to play a match if certain rule changes are made. Oh, and whatever you do, do not say "I like Brawl" on a Super Smash Bros. forum. These fanboys have gone so far as to mod both Brawl and Smash for Wii U to play more like Melee, which the fanbase sees a perfect game (though, to be fair, Project M was surprisingly good and ambitious for a fanmade mod). The online multiplayer is full of toxic players that spam cheap tactics for easy wins.
  26. While Payday 2 is a great game, many online heists will have at least one tryhard who's constantly screaming at other players for not listening to their orders. If you want to avoid these guys as much as possible, make sure to set your server filter to either "Friends Only" or "Private". Unsurprisingly, it seems like many people don't know about that option since they often kick players as soon as they join a lobby claiming "we're waiting for a friend."
  27. The Eve Online fanbase is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Some players harass the inexperienced, VANDALIZE their properties and BLACKMAIL THEM, some to the point of SUICIDE.
  28. Since Roblox is targeted towards a younger audience nowadays, a toxic fanbase was quite inevitable; there are a lot of friend requests, immature players, and the comment section is LOADED with poor grammar, spelling, and pure HATE. Not to mention, the overabundance of online daters, despite the Roblox's guidelines CLEARLY STATING that online dating IS prohibited, and most of them don't obey that guideline whatsoever. Back in 2006-2009, the Roblox fanbase wasn't as toxic as it is today. A fanboy named HoangXRoblox started spamming the Roblox page on this wiki.
  29. Dota 2 has players that say the MOST INSULTING and DISRESPECTFUL swear words you'll ever hear! Some players straight up sabotage their own team and some ABUSE others for poor gameplay. The Dota 2 and League of Legends fanbases have also been known to be incredibly hostile towards each other. This got so out of hand that the Dota 2 team had to add a "be friendly and help your team" message to the tutorial.
  30. The Blockland fanbase has a large variety of chat spammers, internet tough guys, people who kick and/or ban players for no reason (or for fun), people who build things without any effort whatsoever and often times with only one color (usually red), people who build often large-scale penises often without any effort (yep, that exists), people who create rules on their servers without effort, and finally, people who manage to hack the whole master server! (large quantities of private servers with suspicious links and numbers) Oh, and not to mention, the forum itself.
  31. Fans of consoles are almost as bad as the PC "master race":
    • The Nintendo fanbase will do almost anything to excuse and ignore Nintendo's often backwards business practices while admonishing other companies for doing something similar, and there's a part of the fanbase who treat the Big N as some sort of innovative god and will scowl at anyone who refutes this claim.
    • The Xbox fanbase isn't much better, filled with young children and "adults" who are rude, vulgar, and just plain annoying. Some people like to spread fake news, damage control Microsoft's actions, or cry "media bias" when an Xbox One game flops. When talking about the Xbox One in the past, a Youtuber going by the name of Blackbustercritic received threats of physical violence from these fanboys just for criticising the Xbox One and Microsoft.
    • The PlayStation fanbase, while not as toxic, has a bad habit of thinking that everyone will automatically love anything that Sony churns out, and will often spread absurd rumors of things that will put an end to those pesky Xbox and Nintendo fans.
  32. Sometimes, hatedoms can be pretty toxic as well. Nintendo haters often say that the company caters towards kids and have bad games and bad consoles without even playing them, Sonic The Hedgehog haters can often be extremely hateful and have a habit of blowing the smallest problems with Sonic games out of proportion, and people who often hate remakes are biased to the original and have a bad case of "I-don't-like-change-itis".
  33. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is well known for its toxic fanboys, some are even saying that they're worse than the Call of Duty fanbase. Fanboys take the game way too seriously and will often insult you if you are a Silver. As a result, many people decided to stop playing the game, and some even refuse to play the game at all.
  34. In Clash of Clans, you can make a clan group where your clan fights together with other clans. Unfortunately, the other players may hate on you and kick you out of the group regardless of your skill level.
  35. After Bayonetta 2 became a Nintendo exclusive, the PlatinumGames fanbase has become infested with Nintendo fanboys who keep pestering the developers on social media to have their games ported to or be exclusive to Nintendo consoles, there are other fans who keep begging for sequels to previous games or a revival of the ill-fated Scalebound on systems other than Xbox. The most annoyed person working at Platinum by this fandom is Hideki Kamiya of Okami, Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 fame who is so fed up that he blocks anyone that mildly annoys him on Twitter. After Bayonetta was announced for Smash 4, they started to MILK her so hard in that game, they talk non-stop about her for hours on end which WILL GET ON YOUR LAST NERVE.
  36. The western Touhou fanbase is UNBEARABLE with people mocking anyone who plays the game on Easy Mode (stemming from a fan-made song). The fanbase is also full of so-called "secondaries" who think that fanworks (like doujins, MMD animations, and music videos) are the only worthwhile thing about Touhou and the official games are garbage that isn't worth their attention (which would be unthinkable for any other franchise!). And don't forget about that Japanese fanboy who got arrested for threatening to burn a seiyuu alive for voicing one of the characters in a way that did not meet his standards.
  37. Fortnite is full of squeakers and tryhards who constantly scream their heads off and act like idiots just for the sake of acting like idiots. Also, players often tend to do questionable things in their mics, such as mess with their plumbing or put obnoxious noises up to their mics.
  38. Fans of the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy never stop hating the Skylanders franchise unreasonably and constantly cry that "SkYlAnDeRs RuInEd ThE sErIeS" and are unwilling to accept that Skylanders games aren't Spyro games, they just have the character as a guest and he isn't even the same version as the classic one but rather an alternate universe counterpart. They also can't take a joke.
  39. While the Need for Speed community isn't so bad, mentioning that you prefer the Underground/Carbon era in front of the Classic/Old School era fans or criticizing them for "driving nothing but Bugatti Veyrons" will ignite a massive flame war and you're good as DEAD. The same thing also happens if you do the opposite towards the other side of the fanbase.
  40. Most kid-friendly channels that play games tend to have a toxic fanbase mainly consisting of underaged Kindergarten and Elementary School kids. The FGTeeV fanbase is a good example of this, as the fanbase cannot even take the slightest form of criticism toward the channel and will attack and swear at anybody says something negative about FGTeeV. Nothing is safe from this fanbase, even the FGTeeV page on this wiki isn't safe from the fanbase.
  41. The Cuphead fanbase can be just as bad as the Undertale fans, these people make content such as creepy fetishes (like Cuphead drinking from Mugman’s straw (or vice versa, or even each others' straws)) and porn. Not helped by the fact that many of these fans consist of elitists who think games should be balls-to-the-walls hard and nothing more. Sometimes they outright claim that an Easy Mode or something designed to make a game more accessible to newcomers will RUIN the game and completely destroy its purpose.
  42. Kantai Collection fanbase - While most KanColle fans are decent, there's some extremely toxic groups of fans filled with Neo-Japan Imperialists who hate the USA and some Toxic Weeaboos who will harass anyone who draws a doujinshi about their favorite characters with a "bad ending", such as when toxic fanboys sent death threats to an artist who drew a netorare (NTR) Shoukaku doujin series to force him to write a "happy ending" for it. There's also a case where a toxic fanboy set fire to a Filipino artist's house for writing a doujinshi that dissatisfied them.
  43. There's a portion of the Nintendo Switch fandom who will go to trailers of upcoming games that are scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One, but not on Switch, and demand a Switch version. For example, when Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was announced, there was an overabundance of people complaining about there not being a Switch version, rather than just being glad that more classic Mega Man titles were getting re-releases at all. Some even went as far as claiming that the Switch was "the only market for this game" and that it would be better if the game was Switch-exclusive.
  44. Not even Bendy and The Ink Machine can avoid a toxic fanbase. It has all the unholy demerits of the Cuphead, FNAF and Undertale fanbases (little kids, OCs, and PORN) along with one of the worst fanmade "raps" ever seen.
  45. There are also the "Frame Rate Junkies", who only like the game if it's running at 60 frames per second or higher, and look down on the corresponding console for running it at 30 fps or less. You can find them infesting the Digital Foundry comment section with things like "The PS4 Pro/Xbox One X is a mistake".
  46. Late Gamers in Bloons Tower Defense Battles will hate on anybody that rushes and complain about them. This video will explain about Late Gamers. They'll also take jokes far too seriously.
  47. Hotline Miami's fanbase became pretty terrible after the release of the second game, because of the enormous amount of really annoying memers, edgelords, creepy fetishists and other types of unpleasant people it got flooded with (the Steam forums for the second game even went through a huge banwave at one point due to toxicity of many people there. Also, if you decide to download custom levels from it's Steam Workshop, expect to see a plethora of utterly moronic stuff made by said memers and people with poor senses of humor).
  48. A vocal portion of the Mega Man fanbase will start shrieking and complaining about the mere prospect of a "Mega Man Classic" game that uses anything other than NES-style graphics and sound, and did exactly that when Capcom revealed that Mega Man 11 would instead use 3D graphics.