Fight for Life is a 3D fighting game released in 1996 by Atari for their Atari Jaguar system. It was the last official game released for the system, after which Atari stopped their support for the platform. In the game you pick from eight characters who battle each other for a chance to escape from hell.

Why it Sucks

  1. Limited moveset when you start the game due to the game's main gimmick of building your own moveset by stealing moves from each opponent you defeat.
  2. Ugly, blocky polygonal 3D models.
  3. Very slow gameplay with sluggish movement and slowdown.
  4. Bad, repetitive music.
  5. The title sequence is unfinished and consists of the fighters standing around doing nothing.
  6. Awful camera.
  7. The version of the game that was released was a 60% completed build. This is due to Atari deciding not to pay the game's programmer, so he withheld the finished build from them. It would eventually be released years later in extremely limited quantities (20 copies) through a fansite.
  8. The final boss looks like a black Kamen Rider Amazon due to the awful graphics.
  9. Dumb AI.