Final Fantasy All the Bravest

And you thought Final Fantasy XIV or XIII was bad. With this game, Square Enix just wants your CA$H.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest is a video game for iOS devices and based on the Final Fantasy series. It has the largest party feature, allowing 40 characters. It cost $4 to download, but was later made free. It is often on 'worst games of 2013' lists due to the greedy nature of the game and shallow gameplay and is one of the very, very few games IGN has actively warned gamers not to buy.

Why it Sucks

  1. While the game originally cost $4 to download, it features tons of in-app purchases. These include characters from previous series, and weapons.
    • On that subject, each character costs $1, and it is completely random regarding who you will get. This is basically a loot box disguised since the game has a collection menu for all the characters, and to fulfil this catalog, the player must summon at least once all those 35 characters.
  2. Whenever a character dies, it takes three real world minutes to revive them, and you can only revive one at a time. This means that if your entire team is defeated it would take almost two hours for your entire team to revive. Because of the long wait time, you can either wait, or pay money for a golden hourglass.
  3. Ignoring the pay-to-win stuff, there is just a non-linear story and all you do is fight enemies leading to a boss fight. The gameplay is so empty that just tapping on one enemy will cause all your characters to attack the target and it cannot be canceled.
    • Trying to remedy this, the enemies will only began their actions after you attack them first. Thus, you can see the job classes you got randomly and try to plan a strategy. However, even the job classes are meaningless as all have only one attack.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Android version for the game is free and you get some hourglasses in the beginning. Thus, it is possible to reach the end of the game without any micro-transactions if one has enough patience for the pay 2 win garbage and non-existing gameplay.
  2. Non-linear plotline and funny character descriptions, considering that the Final Fantasy franchise is generally serious about this.


IGN gave the game a "poor" rating, stating that despite a small amount of nostalgia, the game was ultimately criticized for its "insulting in-game purchases and inexcusably mindless & repetitive gameplay", ultimately concluding that it was a "very disappointing black mark on Square-Enix’s long-running franchise." Pocketgamer strongly criticized the gameplay and in-app purchase system stating, "There's hardly a game here to begin with - it's more a series of flashing lights to try and entice you to throw some cash down, cross your fingers, and hope you end up with a character you like." Slide to Play criticized the game for having "No rhyme, reason, or strategy to gameplay; the game is a thinly-disguised piggy bank for in-app purchases." Digital Spy echoed the criticisms on the method of in-app purchases and poor gameplay, stating that it was "almost a parody of the worst examples of free-to-play games" and criticizing "its reliance on predatory in-app purchases that exist solely to make loyal fans waste their money. As a free-to-play cash grab it would have still held some appeal, but the core gameplay is just too shallow without significant rewards to make it even worth the price of admission." also stated, "ATB is essentially a narrow tunnel you blindly run down, and where games typically have choices for you to make -- whether it be what skill to choose, what weapon to pick up, what player to substitute in, what kind of unit to build, or whatever else -- there is nothing here." In a rare move, IGN issued a public service announcement not to buy the game, and later cited the game for making money despite bad reviews and high prices. Pocket Tactics also gave a similar public service announcement to not buy the game stating, "I have been an apologist in the past for Square Enix’s unusually high price points for its Final Fantasy iOS ports. Developers have to make money, and no one should begrudge that. But the way that All The Bravest goes about it is so gauche, so ill-mannered, that it can only be interpreted as a measure of Square Enix’s disdain for its own fans." GamesRadar ranked it as the 44th worst game ever made. The staff accused its developers of cashing in on the Final Fantasy brand.

Gamezebo was slightly more positive, and though it cited common concerns with gameplay and cost, they praised the game for running well without glitches or slowdown, even with a lot of action occurring on-screen.

Despite the poor reception, the game still managed to chart at number 25 on the "Top Paid Apps" chart on the iTunes App Store on January 18, 2013.