Final Fantasy XIV box art

Final Fantasy XIV, also known as Final Fantasy XIV Online, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. It is the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series and the second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI.

Update Notice: The game's servers were shut down on November 11, 2012 and in August 27, 2013 was completely replaced with the much more successful Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game went through a rushed development cycle, therefore the game was left unfinished.
  2. Horrible interface and online connectivity.
  3. Very high system requirements, especially for an MMO.
  4. The game feels and looks like an unfinished beta stage game.
  5. Broken combat.
  6. Heavy amount of lag.
  7. Very long loading times.
  8. Unfinished enviroments.
  9. Idiotic enemy and NPC AI.
  10. Glitchy and buggy mess of a game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Excellent soundtrack. (First game to be scored mostly by series veteran Nobuo Uematsu since Final Fantasy X)
  2. High quality graphics.
    • However this was a big contributing factor to the previously mentioned high system requirements.
  3. Cutscenes were rather well made and entertaining to watch.
  4. Its poor quality led to the creation of A Realm Reborn.


The game received generally negative reviews at release, garnering scores of 50% and 49/100 by aggregate sites GameRankings and Metacritic respectively.

Computer and Video Games said "Eorzea is a beautiful world with huge potential for vast adventures, but it's just a shame that this first voyage into it is such a mis-step". said that "playing [Final Fantasy XIV] is like playing with a toy stuck in a plastic bag: it can be fun for a while and you can get the general idea, but you can't appreciate the full experience", stating that future updates would likely rectify this issue.

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