Flash Porn Games are internet flash games which contain pornographic material. They can be found in various corners of the internet, usually on sites reserved for adults.

The Gameplay

The majority of these games often have two people engaged in sex. There is often a climax gauge and choices for sex positions. By clicking on a position, the characters engage in it. Sometimes each position also has a speed limit. The games end when the climax gauge fills up, resulting in the characters achieving climax.

Why Most of Them Suck

  1. Very little in terms of gameplay, so much that most aren't really games at all.
  2. Very low replay value.
  3. On average, you only get three choices for sex positions.
  4. Some games have certain positions and endings locked, requiring an account to access them.
  5. If you've played one of these games, you've usually played them all.
  6. This one depends on your point of view, but often times, these games use characters from western animation or anime, so if you're a fan, you could either get offended or enjoy watching your favorite characters have sex.
  7. These can be found very easily on the internet. So if you have a child, monitor which sites they visit and use parental controls if necessary.
  8. Many of them contain rape, pedophilia, zoophilia and other disturbing and gross content.
  9. Some of them use characters from properties intended for younger audiences, which can be especially bad if any of the things from point 8 are present.
  10. Various creators of such games can't take criticism and/or sport pretty toxic behavior.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Since there are a lot, there might actually exist one you might like.
  2. Some have decent animation (for what's basically playable hentai).
  3. Playing on a touch screen may be more enjoyable.
  4. Not all porn flash games follow the sucky reasons above. Some do have more to offer in gameplay and story such as dating sims.