Family Guy Double Dribble01:15

Family Guy Double Dribble

The game footage was stolen from a video that was uploaded back in 2009.

Family Guy Tecmo Bowl01:50

Family Guy Tecmo Bowl

Another game footage was stolen from a video that was uploaded back in 2006.

On May 18, 2016, Fox stole 2 gameplay clips of 2 NES games (Double Dribble and Tecmo Bowl, respectively) and used them in the Family Guy episode, “Run, Chris, Run” without the original uploader's consent or knowledge, and had the original clips taken down in an attempt to cover their tracks.

In the episode, there is a scene where Peter and a few friends of his play some NES games, one of them being Double Dribble, where Peter uses a well-documented glitch in the game that causes three point shots to sink automatically as long as a button is pressed at the right time to gain an unfair advantage against Cleveland.

The Double Dribble footage was originally uploaded by sw1tched on February 21, 2009, and the Tecmo Bowl footage was uploaded by GameTrailors on July 13, 2006. Both were taken down by Fox shortly after the episode aired, which caused outrage among both gamers and fans of the show, questioning why they couldn't have just simply recorded their own footage or at least asked the original uploaders for permission. It got to the point where even the show's creator, Seth McFarlane, tweeted about it. The original videos have since been restored.

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