Frogger the great quest

Whose idea was it to turn Frogger suddenly into a humanoid pirate frog?

Frogger: The Great Quest is a platform game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Papa Yeti Studio and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 and PC in 2002. A GBA version was also released, but is a separate game.

Why it Sucks

  1. The controls are a huge mess and you would have no idea on what you were doing.
  2. Annoying and lazy camera.
  3. Poor and annoying voice acting.
  4. You attack enemies by spitting at them, or use frog-fu at them (yes, that term is actually used in the game), rather than just simply jumping on them.
  5. The music, while actually good for the most part, does not even fit the game.
  6. The game does not even feel like a Frogger game. It feels like a cheap and generic 3D platformer with Frogger pasted onto it.
  7. No replay value whatsoever which then again might be a good thing because this game is so painful to play all on its own.
  8. Very easy, since this game was aimed for children.
  9. The PC version does not allow you to change the graphic quality or resolution.
  10. Short length: The game can be beaten in less than an hour if the player is smart enough.
  11. Sometimes you can get stuck in sections of a course, forcing the player to reset the PS2 or close the program on the PC.
  12. Frogger gets redesigned from a normal Frog to a Biped wearing clothes and speaking in human language rather than croaking.
  13. It's not even possible to collect all the coins, gems or even all the magic stones in the game because of where they're hidden in some of the levels. Not that collecting coins and gems is worth it in the end anyway.
  14. In The Catacombs level, you can't kill ghosts yet they can kill you.

 Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent Graphics
  2. Even though the Music does not fit the game, it is good for the most part

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