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Russian game cover

GAG: The Impotent Mystery (Russian: ГЭГ: Отвязное Приключение) is a 1997 adventure game developed by ZES't Studio in Russia and published by Auric Vision.


This game plays like a first-person point-and-click adventure game with pre-rendered backgrounds and FMV cutscenes. The game also featured GagBoy, a minigame which is a sexual-themed version of Tetris.


Garry Tasker is a secret service agent and an "impotent virgin" who specializes in preventing sexual perversions.

Why it sucks

  1. Poorly-made erotic scenes.
  2. Unprofessional voice acting.
  3. This game is only available on Russian and English languages.
  4. Big numbers of terrible jokes.
  5. Poor graphics and dreadful animation, despite the box claiming to have graphics and animation of the highest quality.
  6. The GagBoy mini-game can be unwinnable.
  7. Annoying thing - if you enter the castle, you needed to swap from disk 1 to disk 2, if you leave the castle, you needed to swap from disk 2 to disk 1.


After Garry destroys a dangerous spellbook by throwing into the fire and castle evaporated and destroyed, and marquise inside robot does the Russian dance, and Garry goes back to the home and animation appears where Garry kicks a car door and being so crazy before telephone rings and Garry is running the stairs and trying to broke door and the door is opened automatically and Garry hit the telephone and calls his boss Lucy, and 1 year later before Garry traveling by car with pregnancy Lucy, and playing so epic music like Russian roulette and Garry kills poisonous penguin with beer with his car and naked toys are glad and every naked toys are gone except once and he's dancing and the "the END ?" cliffhanger falls and game ends.(This ending is not poor.)