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The Gakken TV Boy is a very rare game console that was only released in Japan in 1983.

Why it Flopped

  1. Weird design. It can be mostly played with one hand while the handle allowed balance.
  2. Small library of games. The exact number is unknown but it's believed to be six.
  3. Its Japan-only release ensured it would never be well known around the world.
  4. Short lifespan. The Nintendo Famicom's (Japanese version of the NES) release quickly put an end to the Gakken TV Boy.
  5. The entire system was underpowered. The games were similar to early Atari games.


Gakken Compact Vision - TV Boy (TVボーイ) - Frogger

Gakken Compact Vision - TV Boy (TVボーイ) - Frogger