In Thailand, Many games that contains a violence are got banned. But in some case, Some games got banned because of the political reason. For example, Tropico 5. A strategy themed as the dictator leader of country. Got banned in Thailand because the theme of game is like Thailand in Junta government.

Gaming bespatter in media

In media and news agency, Games often called by news agency and scholar as "The Main Reason for making child became violent", Recklessly what game is

The most used example of games is "Grand Theft Auto" series that media often claimed that most of children who committing crime are played and copying this game. Ironically, Thailand soap opera that contains alot of violence in family and sexual content aren't get touched.

The latest incident about game spattering in media is, Many Thai news agency claimed that a MOBA Mobile game "RoV" were cause of violence.

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