Garfield Gets Real is a 2008 action game developed by Zushi Games and published by Destination Software for the Nintendo DS based on the direct to video CGI movie of the same name starring Garfield the Cat. A Wii version of the game was planned but it was never released. 

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is terrible.
  2. The graphics are poor.
  3. Poor animations with a low frame rate, causing animations to not be smooth with frame transitions obvious and very choppy.
  4. Gimmicky and convoluted controls. Pressing left or right will make Garfield move left or right respectively, but releasing the button will NOT stop him moving, to do that you must press down. The game also requires drawing gestures on the touch screen of the Nintendo DS to perform actions such as jumping (which actually should be mapped to a button).
  5. Awful music and sounds.
  6. False Advertising: The box says it was based on the upcoming movie of the same name, but the game was actually released a year after the movie was released.


Garfield Gets Real DS Review - Dreamcast Gamer Episode 14

Garfield Gets Real DS Review - Dreamcast Gamer Episode 14