Garfield Kart is a racing game published and developed by Anuman Interactive, based on the long-running Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis. It was released on iOS in 2013 and is also available on Android, Nintendo 3DS, and even Steam. This game was met with near-universal backlash by gamers who have played it.


Garfield Kart plays very much like Mario Kart (racing on various tracks, collecting items and power-ups to interfere with the other racers, etc.).

Why It Sucks

  1. Subpar graphics (The worst looking version being the 3DS version.)
  2. Poor gameplay
  3. Bland, repetitive tracks. There are 3 desert tracks in the game that are virtually indistinguishable from each other.
  4. Generic, forgettable music.
  5. Poor sound design.
  6. Characters don't feel too different from each other.
  7. Lack of content.
  8. No multiplayer mode whatsoever.
  9. Both the iOS/Android versions have micro-transactions. That is all.

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