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Artwork of the Giant Enemy Crab.

Giant Enemy Crab refers to an enemy character in the PlayStation 3 videogame Genji: Days of the Blade first introduced through Sony’s press conference at E3 Expo in May 2006.

During the presentation, Sony spokesperson was quoted as saying that the game plot was based on the actual history of Japan, just as a giant enemy crab character appeared onscreen in the demo footage.


The presentation was hosted by Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai and one of the lead producers Bill Ritch, who at one point claimed that Genji 2’s epic battle scenes were based on “famous battles which actually took place in ancient Japan.”

Almost instantly following Ritch’s description of background, gameplay footage began playing onscreen which depicted a mid-level boss known as a “giant enemy crab.” The additional quote that you could "hit its weak point for massive damage" sealed the meme.


In the days following Sony’s conference in June 2006, Sony’s E3 press conference was criticized and ridiculed by fans on gaming-related communities for the unimpressive presentation and historically inaccurate description of the Genji sequel title.



E3 2013 - Sony remembers Giant enemy crabs

E3 2013 - Sony remembers Giant enemy crabs