Gordo 106: The Mutated Lab Monkey is a platforming game exclusive for the Atari Lynx handheld. The player controls the titular Gordo #106, a lab monkey who gains sentence after ingesting a chemical potion and attempts to escape the labs where it's been imprisoned.

Why it Sucks

  1. Bland stage design, with all areas looking exact the same despite the different graphics.
  2. Anachronistic stages which make no sense like a fashion show, even though the entire premise is that you're escaping from a lab.
  3. Lots of blind jumps due to the fairly large sprites and the console's small resolution.
  4. Holes don't kill you outright, instead you fall into a random dungeon which can either have lots of items or instand-death flame-jets. If you manage to complete it you're tossed back to the stage you were previously.
  5. There are caged animals on the stage which you must free, but there's no real reward for doing so so you can simply skip them completely.
  6. Bland soundtrack and sound effects.