Grand Theft Auto 2 - 2000 - Rockstar Games

Rockstar not only butchered Grand Theft Auto on the Game Boy Color, they did it AGAIN with the sequel!

Grand Theft Auto 2 was originally released on the PC, PlayStation and Dreamcast. This GBC version was the sequel to the original GTA for GBC that released by Rockstar Games and Tarantula Studios in December 2000.

Why it sucks

  1. No in game music, except in vehicles.
  2. The same bad controls as in the original GTA for GBC. The "A" button still has to be pressed to walk forwards, the down arrow to walk backwards, and left and right arrows to spin.
  3. Very few game sounds.
  4. The iconic "Wasted!" text was changed to "Killed!".
  5. Some missions got removed presumably due to Nintendo's censorship and hardware limitations. Hot Dog Homicide! being one notable example.

Redeeming qualities

  1. Awesome title screen music.
  2. There's more people and cars than in the original GTA for GBC.
  3. Some cutscenes have been turned on well-draw images.
  4. This game is technically impressive, considering the size of the world.


IGN give 4 (Bad) out of 10, GameFAQs gave 2.71 rating for this game, and Shane Luis of Rerez Reviewed GTA 2 And GTA Advance.


GTA 2 (GBC) & Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA) - Rerez

GTA 2 (GBC) & Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA) - Rerez