The War for Earth Front Cover

Gundam 0079: The War for Earth is a FMV game based on the Gundam franchise, particularly the first series, Mobile Suit Gundam. It was released for Windows 95, Macintosh, PlayStation, and Pippin. This was the first game to be made by Presto Studios, who would go on to make the Journeyman Project series and Myst III: Exile. It has been deemed as a "kusoge", or Japanese for "bad game".

A playthrough of the rare English version can be seen here.


The game follows the plot of the first quarter of the series, and reenacts scenes from those episodes with CGI and live actors, not unlike the Command & Conquer series.

Why It Sucks

  1. Hilariously bad acting; it didn‘t help that many of the actors are clearly miscast.
  2. Awkward romanizations; "Zeon" becomes "John", among others.
  3. Poor adaptation of the anime‘s plot, along with unintentionally hilarious scenes to boot.
  4. Terrible MIDI soundtrack.
  5. Extremely simplistic gameplay, which involves touching the right buttons at the right time.

So Bad, It’s Good

The game has received this reputation amongst Gundam fans thanks to all of the issues listed above. The user who uploaded the aforementioned playthrough even nicknamed it as Plan 0079 from Outer Space.