Daniel Petric (born August 24, 1991) is a convicted murderer from Wellington, Ohio. At the age of 16, Petric shot both of his parents over a disagreement about video games. His mother was killed and his father was badly injured, but recovered.


The controversy between Daniel and his parents began when they forbade Daniel from buying and playing the Xbox 360 game Halo 3. Petric was introduced to the Halo franchise while at the house of his friends, the Johnsons, leading him to wanting a copy himself.

His father, Mark Petric, was a minister at the New Life Assembly of God in Wellington. Both parents objected to the idea of their son playing a violent game with adult ratings and did not find it suitable for him, this didn't sit well with Daniel, specially because sometimes Daniel played the game for up to 18 hours at a time without taking a break.


About one week after the game was taken away from Daniel, on October 20, 2007, Daniel used his father’s key to unlock the safe and take back his game. Daniel also took his father’s 9mm Taurus handgun along with the game. 

Daniel came up behind his parents as they were relaxing on their couch in the living room and said “Would you close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” Daniel then proceeded to shoot both of his parents.

Daniel shot his mother in the head, arms, and chest, killing her. In court his father testified that after Daniel shot both of his parents, he tried to make the event look like a Murder-suicide by placing the gun in his father's hand whilst saying to him “Hey dad, here’s your gun. Take it,”.

Daniel made an escape attempt by driving off in the family’s van with the Halo 3 game in the passenger seat. Unfortunately for Daniel, he didn't get very far when his plan failed as the police caught up with him and forced him out of the van via road block. While police were handcuffing him, he yelled "My Dad shot my Mom!".

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