This page is about the Commodore 64 version of the game. For the home console ports, see Hard Drivin'

Hard Drivin' is a driving video game originally released in 1989 by Atari Games for the arcades and then ported to various platforms. This page will cover the Commodore 64 version by Domark, which was only released as part of the Wheels of Fire and TNT compilations.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poor music.
  2. Terrible controls.
  3. Extremely low framerate.
  4. Very poor visuals, mostly consisting of blue and yellow colors.
  5. Ear-scratchingly terrible sound effects.


Zzap!64 gave the port a 20%. The port also has a rating of 1.7 on Lemon64 and is ranked as #22 on Lemon64's Worst games list.