Haunted Castle is a platformer game developed in 1988 by Konami for Arcades and a remake of the original Castlevania.


Dracula has kidnapped Simon Belmont's bride on his wedding day, so Simon goes to Dracula's castle to defeat him and rescue his bride.

This game's only saving grace is the soundtrack, which in true Castlevania fashion is excellent. Many of its themes would be remixed in later entries of the series.

Why it Sucks

  1. Sprites are large and clunky, giving little room for the player to maneuver and dodge incoming attacks, it doesnt help the fact that simons moves extremly slow
  2. The enemies are so overpowered that a bone tossed by a skeleton can kill you in only 2 hits even with full health. (This only applies to Version M. The other versions, international version (E and K) and the Japanese version (N and P), do not have this issue)
  3. Enemies are often positioned to knock you down into the many bottomless pits.
  4. In a shameless attempt to milk the player for more money, you're only allowed to use a limited number of credits per game. Credits can either be used as lives or to play the game with full health, in which case you must beat the whole game on life.
  5. Awful bosses.
  6. Some animations are laughable like Simon's walking animation.
  7. Death doesn't even appear in this game and he is one of the main villains in the franchise who has appeared in every game in the series.
  8. Dracula's final form looks ridiculous.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good soundtrack, especially "Don't wait until night to fight" was used in the battle with Julius Belmont in Aria of Sorrow.
  2. Nice graphics for its time.

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