Hellboy: Dogs of the Night (known as Hellboy: Asylum Seeker on the PS1) is an action game developed by Cryo Studios North America and published by Cryo Interactive in 2000 for the PC exclusively in Europe.

After Cryo's bankruptcy, their american publisher at the time, DreamCatcher Interactive completed the PlayStation version with Hoplite Research and published it in 2004 to tie in with the Hellboy movie. It is based on the Hellboy comic book series from Dark Horse.

Why it Sucks

  1. Awful graphics, with everything consisting of blocky polygons and flat textures. The PS1 version looks much worse especially for a late release on the console.
  2. Awful collision detection, with your character often walking through solid objects.
  3. Bad controls.
  4. Bad, repetitive music and sound effects.
  5. Ridiculous script.


The PC version has an 11.50% rating on GameRankings.

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