Ikari warriors NES

Ikari Warriors (怒 Ikari) is a vertical run and gun game by SNK. Originally released in arcades in 1986, the game received console ports for the NES, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and MSX, among others.

The game received two sequels (Victory Road and Ikari III: The Rescue) and a spinoff (Guerrilla War), while player characters Ralf Jones and Clark Still would go on to appear in other SNK games/series, such as King of Fighters and Metal Slug.


Ralf and Clark (Paul and Vince in the US version) embark on a rescue mission to save General Kawasaki/Colonel Cook from a hostile military force.

Why it Sucks

NOTE: NES version only.

  1. Tank-like controls that try to simulate the arcade version’s rotary controls, making it hard to hit enemies. To face the opposite direction you have to turn yourself around 180 degrees.
  2. Overly long levels that are also plagued by terrible layouts.
  3. Unfair difficulty. It is extremely easy to die for numerous reasons; enemy soldiers will fill the screen, missiles will fly out of nowhere and if a vehicle explodes, you die if you’re inside its blast radius.
  4. Enemy bullets travel all the way across the screen, yet your own bullets do not, giving the enemy an unfair advantage
  5. Vehicles are made almost useless by the fact you have to constantly pick up fuel tanks to prevent your vehicle from suddenly exploding
  6. Suffers from bugs and glitches. For instance, both you and the enemies can get easily stuck in walls.
  7. Some levels have puzzles that aren’t obvious. In the third level, after you defeat the end level boss, you’re supposed to bomb the floor to make a staircase appear, but this is never hinted anywhere except in a guide book.
  8. An overly long level select cheat code that requires you to press over 33 buttons.
  9. Slow choppy gameplay that's not helped by the ugliness of the graphics