Initial D: Mountain Vengeance (頭文字D MOUNTAIN VENGEANCE Inisharu Dī Mountain Vengeance) is a racing game by ValuSoft, based on the anime/manga series of the same name (particularly the Tokyopop dub of the anime), released in 2003 for Microsoft Windows. It is one of the few Initial D games to be released in North America, but not in Japan.

It is widely considered to be the WORST INITIAL D GAME OF THEM ALL and even one of the WORST RACING GAMES OF ALL TIME!

Why it Sucks

  1. Does nothing to explain the storyline of either the anime or the manga, potentially leaving newcomers confused.
  2. Outdated graphics, comparable to PlayStation games such as Ridge Racer, Gran Turismo, and Initial D’s own pre-Arcade Stage licensed game.
  3. An overly-repetitive soundtrack that at first seemed like it only has ONE song (Initialize), and has absolutely none of the J-Pop/Eurobeat songs that made the anime so memorable. However, checking the games files reveals that there are 11 music (in this case .OGG) files, complete with a customizable playlist configuration file... that isn’t randomized. You can unlock the ability to change the music, but the songs are the horrible songs from the Tokyopop dub.
  4. Non-existent sound-effects that get drown out by the aforementioned repetitive soundtrack.
  5. Emotionless and uncharismatic voice acting.
  6. Terribly short draw distance.
  7. Poor AI that provides no real challenge because it drives very slowly.
  8. The game has only 4 tracks, and ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME.
  9. Slippery controls and poor physics which make it hard to handle your car. You can, and you will grind into walls way too many times.
  10. Broken drifting. Whenever you do it your car goes out of control... and you can still get ahead of the CPU player.


Forgotten Games - Initial D Mountain Vengeance33:16

Forgotten Games - Initial D Mountain Vengeance

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