The Intec Interact is the only game console ever released by Intec, which is well known for creating accessories for the Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. It is a Wii rip-off and has several accessories for games.

Why it Flopped

  1. The audio output is mono only, like the NES which was released in 1985.
  2. Despite being made around the time of the Wii, it has graphics that are similar to the SNES.
  3. It has no new games. Instead, it has soulless rip-offs of other games. It only came with two game cartridges, 8-in-1, which consists of sports games, and 32-in-1, which mainly consists of rip-off games (though, according to Amazon, there's a third cartridge that focuses on musical games).
  4. While the Wii has games with motion control, the Interact has fake motion controls which are the same as pressing the A button, making motion control utterly pointless.
  5. The controller is poorly made. It is very tiny, making it difficult for adult gamers to hold onto and the D-Pad is very poorly designed. There are also two pairs of A and B buttons.
  6. The marketing for this console was so poor, the Interact isn't even advertised on Intec's website.
  7. The controls are poorly designed. An example is in "Golf", where you have to press Start to begin your swing.
  8. The "Bowling" game in the 8-in-1 Game Pak stole Dr. Wallace Breen's face from Half-Life 2.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Compared to the other clone Wii consoles (Wireless 60 and so on), this one is a little bit better.
  2. The games are so bad, they're good at times and can be a great way to make fun of games.


This console has gone down as a cult classic amongst gamers for its sheer awfulness. The best promotion this system ever got was when Internet reviewer and YouTuber ProJared reviewed it as the Worst Console Ever and gave it a Broken Marriage out of 10 (The best review that console ever got).


Worst Console Ever - ProJared-0

Worst Console Ever - ProJared-0

ProJared's review of the Intec Interact