Kerbal Space Program 0.7.3 is the first version of Kerbal Space Program released in June 24, 2011.

Why it Sucks

  1. No SAS, although SAS module is implemented and generates torque
  2. The only engine, the LV-T30 can only be fed by one FL-T500 attached on its top
  3. The AV-R8 Winglet is just a fin and can't be used to control the vehicle
  4. It is nearly impossible to achieve orbit
  5. Kerbin is the only celestial object, does not rotate, and is a mirror reflection of the example planet from libnoise
  6. The sun is a directional light source at infinite distance
  7. The render distance is only 1500 km, and Kerbin will "sink" into the sky background, vanishing entirely as that altitude is achieved
  8. The original Intercontinental Kraken had not been fixed (Moving far from the KSC will result in shaking and even Rapid Unplanned Disassembly.)
  9. The oceans are incredibly solid
  10. Many of KSP's most important features are not implemented in the game yet (Time Acceleration, Map View, Symmetry, and Struts being the most notable things not in the game)

Redeeming Qualities

Despite the flaws mentioned above, the game sold really well, about 5000 copies in its first two weeks, which doesn't sound much at first, but it was much higher than the initial prediction of 900 in 1 month.

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