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I'm sure the developers were smoking seven different herbs

Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs is a video game released in 1988 and developed and published by Vic Tokai for the NES.


Kid Kool must find seven herbs to make a cure for a dying king.

Why It Sucks

  1. You can't backtrack in the game to acquire items you may have missed (one way bullshit).
  2. There only seem to be 2 speeds, too fast and too slow. Moving too fast will make it extremely difficult to avoid enemies, but at other times, you need to build up momentum to jump great distances (Two gear diarrhea).
  3. You have no control over Kid Kool's jumps (jump fuckness).
  4. Kid Kool has the ability to skim across the surface of water on his butt, though only the first three skips are automatic, after that you have to hit the jump button on the third skip and time it perfectly or fall to your death (topside aquatic ass).
  5. The game stops in mid-jump to reorient the screen if you jump at the top of the screen (air suspension shit lift).
  6. The game's equivalent to the invisible coin-blocks in Mario are almost always deliberately placed in spots where they screw up your jumps and get you killed (inviso-bitch).
  7. Often times, when you drop down a hole, there's no way to know if it's a bottomless pit until it's too late (free falling fuckballs).
  8. The game has to be completed in 3 hours or less to get the good ending (High-speed crap).
  9. Every time you die you have to watch a scene of the King resurrecting you, which wastes time and brings up a huge plothole (if the King has the power to bring people back to life why can't he just do the same thing to himself?)(Plot ass-hole).