The LJN Video Art was an educational game console made (not published) by LJN. It wasn't actually meant to "compete" against the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System, but to "compete" against television. It even had a jingle:

"If you're like me, you spend all day watching TV.
But then my mama, she got smart!
She got me Video Art!"

Why it Sucked

The Console

  1. It uses a twin-lead TV connector consisting of two U-shaped prongs which were supposed to screw onto two terminals on the TV. Why the hell this was used when it had not been common on televisions since the adoption of the RF connector in the 1970s is unclear: it is rather like shipping a modern PC that only has a CD drive.
  2. False Advertising: On the box is 3 screenshots of art that have been drawn in the game console but it is not like that. And below the box that says it's ''Hours of creative fun for the entire family!'' but it is not fun at all.
  3. Horrible static that comes from the television, despite the system not having sound capabilities.
  4. The joystick is stiff, has far too much travel to be able to draw with any reasonable precision and makes a painful, ear-grating squeaking sound whenever it's used.
  5. The erase button and background color change button is placed on the console itself, not on the controller.
  6. While it is a video game console, it can play only one game: the built-in drawing game.

The Game

  1. It's basically a paint program similar to Microsoft Paint, but much more primitive.
  2. Very little content in a game: its lack of availability, color and image. The pre-drawn image is on a game cartridge that comes with the game console. If you didn't insert the game cartridge, the game starts with the blank screen.
  3. The game itself offers about as many activities as a children's coloring book or an Etch A Sketch toy, and it's far easier to draw in those and are much cheaper.
  4. The game has only two tools: the erasing tool (it only erases one pixel at a time) and the Background color change tool.
  5. The game doesn't have a Paint Bucket tool, despite the fact that the picture in the screenshot on the packaging is finely, fully colored. (which has led the AVGN to compare it negatively to Color a Dinosaur , infamous in its own right but at least having a paint bucket tool)


  1. The console likely has MOS 6502 as its microprocessor.
  2. It was, possibly, the first console with a startup screen.


The Video Art managed to dethrone the R-Zone as the worst game console the Angry Video Game Nerd ever played when he reviewed it during his 12 Days of Shitsmas series.

According to the "So Bad It's Horrible" section of TV Tropes, many game collectors consider it to be the worst game console of all time.