It is the last action for Arnold!

Last Action Hero is a Beat'em Up game developed in 1993 by Bits Studio for the NES, SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive. It is based on the movie of the same name.

Why it Sucks


  1. The character you control looks nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  2. The game is largely a monotonous button masher with no strategy at all.
  3. Your only method of attack is punches and kicks due to Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time not wanting to be depicted using firearms in videogames.
  4. Enemies constantly respawn and take numerous hits to kill. They can kill you very quickly!

SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive versions

  1. Enemies always carry a weapon with them, which gives them much more range than you.
  2. Your character moves very slowly and enemies move very fast.
  3. Every level has a time-limit which is annoying due to how long enemies take to kill.
  4. Driving segments which are broken and sometimes impossible to beat.
  5. Hit detection is so poor you have to be a fixed distance from the enemy for your attacks to connect.
  6. Lazy and repetitive graphics.
  7. Later levels add a crosshair target that constantly follows you and shoots you, making the game even harder.
  8. Awful music.
  9. Terrible level design- one level starts you right next to a bottomless pit and many times in the game you follow the compass only to reach a dead end and be told to turn back the way you came.

NES version

  1. The game uses cutscenes that are images from the movie, but the NES limitations make them look terrible. The in-game graphics are even worse, absolutely horrible.
  2. When you pause the game, the music is still playing.
  3. Just barely follows the movie, mostly through the sets which resemble scenes, even the Hamlet dream sequence.
  4. All the enemies use the same braindead AI, constantly respawn and never drop anything when killed, making fighting them completely pointless.
  5. All the bosses use the same strategy and take no effort whatsoever to defeat, which is to duck in place and keep punching them.

Why it Bombed

According to Peter Baron, the lead programmer on the 16-bit versions of the game, the main culprit for the game's poor quality is in fact Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Originally the game was designed as a shooter, but when the developers sent a beta version of the game to Schwarzenegger's management for approval, he demanded that they remove all guns from the game, as he was trying to promote a more family-friendly image of himself. Because the game's engine was designed for a shooter rather than a beat-em-up, the resulting hasty switch to that gameplay style resulted in a borderline broken game.