Lego Racers 2 is a game developed by Attention to Detail and published by Lego Software in September 2001 for the PC and PlayStation 2, and in November 2001 for the Game Boy Advance.


After losing in the first game, Rocket Racer is depressed, and then gets racing again after finding out about the world of Xalax, where he becomes the galactic racing champion. It's up to the player to explore 5 new worlds and defeat Rocket Racer.

Why it Sucks

  1. Unexciting main menu music.
  2. Awkward vehicle building controls. What happened to the great interface from the first game?
  3. Speaking of vehicles, some of the premade vehicles are extremely dumb looking.
  4. The beginning of the game has a task where Sparky tells you to go to the beach, and then he tells you to go back to town, while you were just in the town a few minutes ago.
  5. The game's tracks are open world, but it's extremely distracting since you can talk to people during races if you press Shift.
  6. When your vehicle is damaged enough it starts to lose bricks. When it is completely destroyed you start racing on foot.
  7. Bad selection of weapons.
  8. The introduction cutscene is too long. You can speed it up, though.
  9. The final race with Rocket Racer is too easy, particularily because the AI racers' programming is flawed and cannot drive as fast as the player.
  10. Many tracks suffer from slowing down and extreme lag.
  11. The PlayStation 2 version costed full retail price ($39.99) when the PC version costed less ($19.99) even though both versions are identical.
  12. Apparently, Rocket Racer is depressed in this game, while he was happy for you in the first game!
  13. The voice acting is just gibberish.

Redeming Qualities

  1. The first Lego game for a 6th Gen console.
  2. Nice graphics.
  3. Continues where the first game left off.
  4. At least it's better than its non-related sequel, Drome Racers.
  5. The Xalax had their own sets made alongside appearing in this game.
Forgotten Games - LEGO Racers 2

Forgotten Games - LEGO Racers 2

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