Life of Black Tiger is a video game originally released on iOS and Android devices by 1Games. In 2017, it was ported to the PlayStation 4 and is now considered to be the worst PS4 game ever made.

Why It Sucks

  1. It feels like the typical pre-made asset filled scam game that would show up on Steam Greenlight.
  2. Boring, repetitive, and tiring gameplay that consists entirely of running around barren environments following people, surviving for a set amount of time, or hunting a set number of specified animals.
  3. Horrible controls.
  4. Combat consists of merely holding down one button and waiting for agonizingly slow attack animations to complete until the enemies die.
  5. As the levels are completed, enemies take more hits to beat and do more damage to you, and the upgrades you can acquire are so ineffective that you have to replay levels many, many times in order to get the tiger on par with the enemies.
  6. There is a story but the localization is so poor that the text in-between missions is borderline gibberish.
  7. Depressing plot.
  8. ABYSMAL graphics with grainy textures, a poor frame-rate, and choppy animation with no transitions in between them. Even worse for mobile ports.
  9. The tiger can move in eight directions but doesn't know how analog control works, so if you're moving with the analog stick, the tiger will spasm and lurch between two directions when attempting to run in a straight line.
  10. There is no collision detection aside from invisible walls around the levels.
  11. The sound effects and animation can be interrupted and end in the most abrupt of ways.
  12. There are only a few sound bites for each creature and the background noises repeat incessantly.
  13. When the game was released on mobile it was a free download, but on PS4 you have to pay $10 to play it.
  14. Broken multiplayer mode.


LIFE OF BLACK TIGER - Is Sony Fucking High?18:32

LIFE OF BLACK TIGER - Is Sony Fucking High?

The game has been heavily panned by Jim Sterling and Digital Foundry, who have both declared it to be the worst PS4 game to ever be released. Although user reviews on Metacritic are mostly positive, they are all very sarcastic.

Life of Black Tiger- The Worst Game on PS407:29

Life of Black Tiger- The Worst Game on PS4

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