Little Britain: The Video Game is a mini-game collection published by Blast! Entertainment Ltd.

In Germany, the game was Refused Classification due to a minigame involving homophobia related to incentives and rewards, therefore banning the sale and promotion in the country, although the game was initially released with an unauthorized USK KJ rating, which was later pulled when the game went on the index roughly a few weeks after it was released, therefore banning the game entirely.

Why it Sucks

  1. It is based on a controversial tv show.
  2. Too many homophobic "jokes". One minigame involves you having to vomit on people to earn points and another involves you collecting gay magazines while running over homosexuals.
  3. Very ugly graphics.
  4. Horrible character designs.
  5. Extremely easy to beat, even on the hardest difficulty.
  6. Poor voice acting.
  7. Outdated and downright crass humor.
  8. Poor minigames, with some ripping off arcade games, like Columns and Pac-Man.
  9. Poor controls.
  10. Repetivie and annoying soundtrack.


The game was universally panned by critics and has been considered to be the worst PS2 game ever created.