He really is a low..... tier...... GOOOOOOD.

Dale Emanuel Wilson, also known as Dalauan Sparrow, sparrow25, TI3RSURIEN, L0WTI3RGOD, L0WTIERGOD, and Low Tier God is a YouTuber who plays fighting games. He is basically the African American equivalent to the infamous DSPGaming. However, unlike DSPGaming, he is solely focused on fighting games. He is also part of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) and takes part in many fighting game competitions, much like DSPGaming does.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is extremely bad at fighting games, just like DSP. He also thinks he's good at games when he really isn't.
  2. He immediately presses the Home button on the PS4/Xbox One controller when his character's life is about to go down to 10% to hide his loss in front of viewers on stream.
  3. He has a tendency to permaban viewers for insulting him. That's why he had a GTAB (get that ass banned) counter on his streams. He also blocks anyone on Twitter for challenging his opinions or insulting him.
  4. In addition to insulting his opponents, he insults other YouTubers as well. (such as Boogie2988, mainly for his obesity, as well as fans of Boogie.)
  5. He rages at games and verbally abuses his opponents whenever they beat him. He even insults a character that his opponent plays, calling them a (his opponent's character) scrub.
  6. He rage quits so hard that he either closes whatever game he's playing or turns off his console to avoid getting his losing streak, especially on the earlier version of Street Fighter V, where the game did not penalize ragequitters until a later patch fixed this.
  7. Contrary to his username and nickname, he often picks mid to high-tier characters in any fighting games he plays. Which in this case, Urien from Street Fighter V, his preferred character, he is actually a mid-tier character.
  8. He's extremely salty.
  9. He's a huge hypocrite. He often acts racist towards white people, but he got mad when someone was acting racist towards him! HE HAS ACTED RACIST TOWARDS HIS OWN RACE AS WELL.
  10. Much like DSP, he blames everyone and everything other than himself for his failure in games.
  11. He has smashed his controller in anger on numerous occasions. He even slammed his own phone in anger at one point!
  12. He occasionally posts images of animals being harmed and/or abused on his Facebook.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he is not as toxic as DSPGaming and he participated much in the later Street Fighter V tournaments.