MDickie is an independent game developer living in the UK. His most well known games are Hard Time, The You Testament, Wrestling MPire, and others.

His games are notorious for bad controls, difficulty, stupid concepts and being so bad they're good.

Why his Games suck

  1. Terrible, and we mean TERRIBLE controls.
  2. In Hard Time, and Wrecked, everyone tries to kill you and it is impossible not to get hit.
  3. A lot of his games have a sanity meter. If the meter goes down, your character goes insane and he/she remains uncontrollable and will move or attack, by themselves. This gets very annoying and is one of the most annoying things about his games.
  4. His wrestling games offer little to no change whatsoever when a new one comes out. For example, Reach, a boxing game, is just a re-skinned version of Wrestling MPire, same system, same screens, but with boxing.
  5. Unskippable cutscenes that take forever to progress.
  6. His games that you would think aren't hard, are very hard. In Popscene and Popcorn, you absolutely need to use cheats in order to make an actually good album/movie. Even when your stats are maxed out, your album/movie is decent, not good.
  7. For whatever reason, he stopped making PC games and started to make games on mobile only. You have to pay to unlock the full game. Because of this, many features are absent from the free version. Even simple features like being able to create your own character. Yes, you have to pay to create your own character.
  8. Terribly stretched skyboxes that look like you're in a dome.
  9. This clip from one of his games "The MDickie show". No words to describe how awkward and uncomfortable this scene is.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His wrestling games are actually very addictive.
  2. Some creative ideas, like Super City, Hard Time, and School Days.
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