Mario's Time Machine is an edutainment game made by The Software Toolworks and Radical Entertainment for MS-DOS, NES, and SNES, released in 1993. Along with Mario is Missing!, this game is one of a series of Mario-themed educational games, called the Mario Discovery series.


Bowser has stolen various artifacts from the past using a time machine to stock his museum. As Mario, the player must return the artifacts back to their correct points of time.

Why It Sucks

(Note: NES and SNES versions only) Since this is an educational game, we'll go easy on it.

  1. Having to fill out a document with way too many options.
  2. Confusing time machine controls.
  3. In the NES version, if you put the artifact in the wrong period of time, you‘re forced to go back to the museum and fight the Koopas (in a poor remake of the original Mario Bros. game) to recover the artifact.
  4. In the SNES version, Mario will go surfing to collect 10 tiny mushrooms within a time limit. Due to tedious controls, the minigame becomes a pain to sit through.
  5. The SNES version is extremely boring due to a lack of action-oriented gameplay that was at least present in the NES version.