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He surely isn't the real Mario at all.

Mariotehplumber (real name: John Burris) is an infamous internet troll who got infamous due to his huge hatred of the modern look of Sonic the Hedgehog, and later of modern Nintendo games.

Due to the fact he has been hated so much in the Sonic and Nintendo continuities, this will be the only page based on an internet troll to avoid turning this into a user hating wiki.

Why he Sucks

  1. He constantly swears in his videos. He does that because he says "it is common for people to swear all the time".
  2. He gives very poor reasons to hate games, some of which he rants over the look.
  3. He has a poor taste in gaming, he said in his earlier videos that Mario and Zelda were the only good games out there, and that every other video game sucks.
  4. His game reviews show no gameplay whatsoever and is just him yelling and swearing at the game. In fact he has at least 3 videos where he destroys a game.
  5. Those 3 games (Crash Bandicoot, Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Mega Man X6) he says are rip offs of Mario and Sonic, which they are not.
  6. Extremely sexist; he hates many female Nintendo characters (mainly the ones that reach a Rule 34 following) and thinks that females are no good at video games at all, counting a post on the Sega Forums where he said his girlfriend belongs in the kitchen, which got him banned from them,
  7. He's also extremely racist; he calls Knuckles the Echidna a "Nigger" only because his songs are rap songs in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. He once used the term to insult someone in his Update video from 2010.
  8. He insults people with mental disorders and regularly uses homophobic slurs, which is disrespectful to people who have mental disorders like Autism, or who are homosexual, and especially to people who were insulted by him that actually have them.
  9. He trolls popular users such as Cobanermani456, Game Grumps, and Pat the NES Punk simply because he is jealous of them, even having one video where he rages because the Game Grumps terminated one of his accounts, leading to him throwing a temper tantrum in his parents basement where he records himself destroying a lamp and flipping a couch in anger.
  10. He calls many topics (mainly characters that reach a Rule 34 following) "hentai", and a lot of users think he doesn't know what it means.
  11. He disrespects opinions on games he hates and especially the fans of those games.
  12. He reviews games that haven't come out yet at the time of upload (Fire Emblem Fates, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, etc) or even exist (Sonic Adventure 3, Pokémon Z, etc)
  13. He is also a WWE and Roman Reigns fanboy, and also disrespects opinions in them, too.
  14. He has been called an Amiibo Scalper, thanks to a video where he says he spent nearly $35.000 on Amiibo, mainly on Rosalina, simply so the fans cannot have her and he hates her.
  15. He says that the characters' appearance are the most important thing.

Random Videos

Warning: This guy has an extremely dirty mouth. Viewer discretion is advised.

How to make money off Nintendo Super Smash Bros06:06

How to make money off Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Amiibo 100+ Rosalina Preordered

Why Splatoon is hentai and why Nintendo Sucks06:10

Why Splatoon is hentai and why Nintendo Sucks

Why Sonic Adventure sucks09:54

Why Sonic Adventure sucks

Why its bad to play these characters for us06:45

Why its bad to play these characters for us

The most bulshit thats happend to me in a Sonic 1 game Very Rarely happens (REUPLOAD)06:44

The most bulshit thats happend to me in a Sonic 1 game Very Rarely happens (REUPLOAD)

Game Grumps rant (mariotehplumber)04:47

Game Grumps rant (mariotehplumber)

MarioTehPlumber Rages02:09

MarioTehPlumber Rages

Mariotehplumber - You all asked for it (REUPLOAD)05:54

Mariotehplumber - You all asked for it (REUPLOAD)

Mariotahplumber - A warning to haters (REUPLOAD)02:21

Mariotahplumber - A warning to haters (REUPLOAD)

Mariotehplumber update04:48

Mariotehplumber update

Sonic Adventure 2 Review06:00

Sonic Adventure 2 Review

Crash Bandicoot Review03:49

Crash Bandicoot Review

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