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This could have been South Park on GameBoy Color...

Mary Kate and Ashley: Get a Clue was a game for Game Boy Color and one of many games published by Acclaim based off the celebrity twins, Mary Kate and Ashley.

The game was originally a Game Boy Color version of the South Park game, though it went unreleased because Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the series, felt the game wouldn't fit on a console marketed primarily towards children (though, they did keep prototype copies in commemoration of it being the first South Park game ever made). Crawfish Interactive and Acclaim later repurposed the game as Mary Kate and Ashley: Get a Clue in America and Maya the Bee & Her Friends (based on a German cartoon of the same name) in Europe.


Mary Kate and Ashley must solve a mystery.

Why it Sucks

  1. Unless you're playing on a Game Boy Color, it's hard to tell between Mary Kate and Ashley. Mary-Kate is the one who must grab the clue while Ashley has to activate switches. This can cause mistakes when you grab Ashley for the switch only to realize you wasted time. The best way to tell between the two is that Mary-Kate jumps higher.
  2. Despite the goal being to solve a mystery, the clues are in the form of jigsaw puzzles, which doesn't feel very mysterious.
  3. You can use a dog as a weapon by throwing it, which is animal abuse.
  4. There are pits in the game that Ashley can't jump out of.