Mega Man 8, known as Rockman 8: Metal Heroes (ロックマン8 メタルヒーローズ Rokkuman Eito Metaru Hīrōzu) in Japan, is a action-platform video game released by Capcom.

It is the eighth installment in the original Mega Man series, and was originally released on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996. 

Why it Sucks

  1. Laughable voice acting, with Dr. Light constantly stuttering and mispronouncing lots of words (there is a famous scene where Dr. Light pronounces Dr. Wily as "Dr. Wahwee") and Mega Man and Aqua Man's voices sounding like young, squeaky children. Somecallmejohnny, in his review, has said that Dr. Light has a serious case of the Elmer Fudd.
  2. A somewhat repetitive Mega Man experience that offers only a handful of new features.
  3. Some sections include jumping and sliding very quickly (like Frost Man´s stage) and are notorious for being extremely difficult.
  4. Bolts (which are your main current) are limited, which is incredibly off-putting.
  5. The Sega Saturn port lacks some content from the PS1 port. It also suffers from a few "hiccups" and frame rate slowdowns.
  6. They somehow got away with calling one of the Robot Masters Aqua Man without getting sued by DC Comics.

Redeeming qualities

  1. Good soundtrack, with some standout tunes here and there.
  2. The graphics might not push the PlayStation or the Saturn to their limits, but they are still colorful, polished and full of detail.
  3. Incentive and mostly fun level design.
  4. Some of the Robot Masters have cool designs.
  5. Creative boss fights which fill their role pretty well, although with noticeable exceptions.
  6. The gameplay is still pretty good.
  7. Proto Man appears in this game.
  8. In the Saturn version, you can fight Wood Man and Cut Man in certain locations, which is a nice touch.
  9. Neat weapon selection.
  10. A flawed but rewarding upgrade system.
  11. Well animated cutscenes (though ruined by the amateur voice acting).


Mega Man 8 received mostly mixed to average reviews from critics. One universal complaint involved the game having virtually nothing in terms of gameplay or features that hadn't already appeared in previous installments of the series, and very little change in the gameplay formula that had been used since the first Mega Man game appeared a decade ago.

The English-dubbing voice acting in Mega Man 8 was considered some of the worst in video games by publications including EGM and the Australian radio show Good Game.

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