Mega Man X7, or Rockman X7 (ロックマン X7 Rokkuman Ekkusu 7) in Japan, is an action platformer game by Capcom and is a part of the Mega Man X series. It is the sequel to the 2001 game Mega Man X6 which was released for the original PlayStation. It received a worldwide PS2 release in 2003 and 2004. It also received a South Korean-exclusive PC port in December 2003.


After the events of Mega Man X6, the Maverick Hunters face off against a vigilante group, Red Alert, after one of its members, Axl, quits from the group. Its leader, Red, challenges the Hunters into a "contest": whoever can capture or destroy the most Mavericks will keep Axl.

Why It Sucks

  1. An automatic lock-on system that takes away much of the challenge that was present in all of the previous Megaman games.
  2. Despite what the cover is showing, X, who is the title character and the main protagonist of the series, is not playable until you either defeat all 8 bosses or rescue 64 out of 128 reploids. It's like calling a game Sonic the Hedgehog but the titular main protagonist of the series isn't playable majority of the game.
  3. Speaking of that, the front of the cover is somewhat misleading, while Megaman X is the main character of the game does gets a good amount of screen time, the game mainly focuses on Zero and the new character, Axl.
  4. Axl‘s copy ability can only work if you defeat Mavericks using a special shot. However, said special shot does very little damage, and most enemies can take quite a few hits before dying.
  5. A weak and uninspired storyline, complete with an extremely obvious and predictable plot twist involving Sigma, who lives again.
  6. Terrible and annoying English voice acting, not unlike the fourth game or Mega Man 8, including the infamous line "Burn to the ground!" being repeated by Flame Hyenard multiple times.
  7. Tries way too hard to give players a sense of nostalgia of the first game by reusing levels and enemies from said game.
  8. In the 3D levels, you move at a slower pace than usual. In fact, the overall gameplay is much slower than the previous games.
  9. While the Mavericks themselves look cool, some of them are bland with horrible boss battles, ESPECIALLY Flame Hyenard due to his "Burn, burn to the ground!" line he says every time he attacks.
  10. The PC version is a straight and effortless port from the PS2 version with no PC-friendly settings. To elaborate, the screen resolution is fixed (and thus the game looks ugly when played on higher resolutions), the control scheme is modelled after PS2 controller buttons, and finally unlike the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth games, there is no quit menu, so you‘ll have to close the game using the Alt+F4 key or the Task Manager.
  11. The game treats the player like an idiot and gives tutorials on how to use even basic self-explanatory things like the stage select menu.
  12. Cutscenes are way too long due to the incredibly slow dialogue boxes that can't be fast-forwarded or skipped.
  13. When facing Mavericks, using a weapon they are weak against barely do any damage or any special effect to them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are not bad and are good to look at.
  2. To its credit, the swappable character mechanic is pretty cool.
  3. While a little bit much, the call backs to the first game are well handled.
  4. Some of the Mavericks have cool designs and their fights can be fun.
  5. Axl gets a lot of character development.
  6. Red is a really good villain.
  7. The final boss against Sigma (while not as good as the previous games) is epic, challenging and a lot of fun.


The game received mixed reception amongst critics; Game Ranking gave it a 59.42%, Game Informer gave it a 7.5 out of 10, and AllGame and GameSpy gave it 2 out of 5 stars; however, Mega Man fans are much harsher towards the game, declaring it to be one of the worst games, if not the absolute worst in the entire Mega Man franchise.

ProJared gave the game a bleeding ear out of 10, describing it to be obnoxious and irritating.

The character of Axl was also disliked by players and fans for stealing the spotlight from X, until the release of Mega Man X8, a game which itself has been deemed a massive improvement over this game.


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