Better play it on Emulator.

Metal Slug Defense (Japanese Name :メタルスラッグディフェンス - Metaru Suraggu Difensu) is a tower defense game created by SNK Playmore for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was also ported to PC and available on Steam.


It's Tower Defense Game with two side. Players must deploys unit that featured in Metal Slug Franchise such SV-001, infantry and bosses to defeat an enemy. Most of unit have a "Special Attack" that can be activated by clicking the unit when its have a "Blue Aura" (or tapping the unit in original mobile version)

Why it sucks (PC Version only)

  1. It's just a direct port of the mobile version. That's mean you'll click on unit pictures with a mouse to deploy units and drag your mouse to scroll the screen as if you're playing on an emulator.
  2. The on-screen instructions weren't rewritten for the PC version ie The title screen still says "Tap the Screen" to enter the game.
  3. Despite being a direct port, it has some different content from the mobile version. In the original version, players were able to purchase new units from shop with Premium currency. But in this version, the units were sold in an overpriced DLC pack. If players just want to buy only one strong unit, they must pay for the other cheap units that come in the pack.
  4. Because you can only purchase a unit via DLC, the only use for Premium Currency (Medals) in this version for buying temporary upgrades (Extra Money, 100% Guarantee to freeing POWs, Etc.)
  5. It can't transfer save data from the mobile version and vice-versa, despite the mobile version having a cloud-save feature.