Micro Machines PAL

PAL Box Art.

Micro Machines NTSC

NTSC Box Art.

Micro Machines is a fixed racing game developed by Infogrames Sheffield House and was originally published under Infogrames' Atari label in Europe for the PlayStation 2, Xbox in November 2002 and Nintendo GameCube in January 2003, and was published in America under the regular Infogrames branding for the PlayStation 2 in March 2003 as a Toys R Us exclusive.

Why it Sucks

  1. Cheesy 3D opening.
  2. Awful camera.
  3. Hard and stiff controls.
  4. Only 24 tracks, which is half the amount seen in Micro Machines V3.
  5. Boring multiplayer minigames.
  6. Poor voice acting.

Redeming Qualities

  1. Each of the racers have their own Micro Machine to use.
  2. Nicely designed enviroments.

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