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Microsoft Pinball Arcade is a pinball video game released in 1998 for Microsoft Windows and developed and published by Microsoft. A Game Boy Color port was released in 2001 published by Classified Games in North America, and Cryo Interactive in Europe.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ear-bleedingly bad music.
  2. Awful graphics. The pinball tables barely resemble the original ones, including random, saturated colors.
  3. Bland sound effects.
  4. Poor controls.
  5. The game can't go back to the menu while playing a pinball table, forcing gamers to restart the console to play a different table.
  6. The ball will sometimes constantly bounce between two bumpers and take a while to get down.
  7. Terrible and unrealistic ball physics that seriously pale in comparison to the PC version.
  8. Even entering names on the highscore screen is a disaster due to the poor controls. 
  9. The technique sections are useless.
  10. Poor demos, such as the Baffle Ball demo where the ball goes to the Baffle Point and just straight stops.
  11. Music stops constantly due to the sound effects.

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