MindJack (マインドジャック Maindojakku) is a third person shooter video game released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. It was developed by feelplus (successors to Scarab, developers of Survival Arts) and published by Square Enix.


Agent Jim Corbijn, and human rights activist, Rebecca Weiss must solve the mystery of Project: Mindjack.

Why it Sucks

  1. Outright broken A.I. allowing for allies and civilians to cower in plain sight and enemies being unable to hit anything.
  2. Repetitive gameplay.
  3. Uninteresting boss fights. One "boss fight" in particular has a large boss mech that just stands there, firing at the ground. You don‘t defeat it by attacking it; instead you can only defeat it by killing waves of enemies, no different from the other enemies you've been fighting throughout the level.
  4. Ear-grating static occurs whenever you're about to mindjack someone.
  5. Some levels are about 30 seconds long.
  6. Whenever the game loads, you lose all weapons and ammunition leaving you with only a pistol.
  7. Whenever you mindjack a civilian, they automatically possess a weapon. This can at times be hilarious, though.
  8. Broken and unbalanced multiplayer due to strange design choices. For example, you have to earn the right to rebalance teams in multiplayer and need to hit level 20 to obtain it!
  9. The game has a tendency to freeze. In Angry Joe's review for the game, he states to have had the game freeze on him a total of 5 times.
  10. Poor and paper-thin story. The developers outsourced the story to an unknown British company in a poor attempt at appealing to western audiences.
  11. Poor voice acting.
  12. Late in the game's story, Jim learns of mind hacking, even though he's been doing it throughout the entire game. While this is meant to foreshadow a plot twist, it still counts because of how stupid it is.


MindJack was universally panned with critics criticizing its story, enemy AI, visuals and gameplay and is notable for its exceptionally negative reception from critics.

Yahtzee Croshaw from Zero Punctuation panned the game as unplayable, stating he didn't even finish it. He recommended nobody bother to play the game, as it was just frustrating.

Angry Joe gave it a 1 out of 10, the second game he reviewed that received such a rating (the first was Sonic Free Riders).

Derek Buck of CGRundertow felt that the game is bland in terms of gameplay and environment, mixes too many ideas, and poorly executes said ideas.